Woody Gauge Housings

Woody gauge housings are for the classic car owner who wants to mount auxilary gauges and maintain a stock look while performing as few modifications to their interior as possible. Designed to be a reversible modification, the housing can be mounted above or below the dash.

Concept Development

The design consists of a molded veneer shell that fits around a powdercoated steel framework, housing three standard 1.5" diameter mini gauges. Shells can be manufactured in a variety of colors and finishes to match customer needs. In order to maintain a seamless appearance, all wiring is fed through a single access point on the bottom of the housing. This is achieved by packing the wiring harness inside the framework during assembly and feeding it through the bottom once the unit is ready to be installed in the vehicle.

Refinement and Modeling

The framework is stamped and bent steel with faceplates adhered to the outer walls. These have the potential to be customized in future iterations with a variety of colors, artwork, and materials. The design was modeled in Rhino and rendered in Keyshot.